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Perfect recovery for the Computer Files

A manipulation error, a trash emptied too quickly or a viral attack can lead to the deletion of one or more files, which in the personal life or on the professional level can cause us many problems. Here are some essential tips to find your deleted files, photos and documents. If you are wondering “how to Recover My Files then let us tell you that the options are there perfectly.

Recover files on a hard drive

Reflexes to have in case of data deletion

It is already serious to lose data, but it is even more serious to learn that as a result of actions we have undertaken, we have made impossible their recovery.

First, when you see the disappearance of your file, it is better to do nothing on the computer concerned, or any other device such as a smartphone or camera. Since a computer file is actually deleted only when it is overwritten by another, the minimum activity increases the chances of recovery. Moreover, it is better to copy the recovered files on another partition, or better, on another support. Depending on the size, prepare a USB key or a hard disk is necessary.

Choosing software to recover deleted files

There is now several data recovery software with more or less proven efficiency, for hard drives, memory cards and USB sticks. Some free tools offer amazing results, but sometimes fish with their Spartan interface or their lack of functionality.

Available in three versions Home, Professional and Enterprise, this application offers advanced tools that can retrieve your emails, establish the tree of missing files and save the recovered files on a network drive, a great asset especially in business where the volume of data can be very important and impossible to store in a USB key.

Effectively perform deleted data recovery

When you have to recover photos, documents, videos, it is essential to meet all the conditions of operability of the system. So, if you are on a laptop or tablet, it should be connected to prevent battery depletion that could compromise the operation. It is also important to take the necessary time. Rushing during recovery runs the risk of mishandling. Book a niche where you will not be disturbed.

Prepare the media that will host recovered data. It does not have to be empty, but you should check the disk space according to the data you want to recover. For a formatted partition, the destination volume must be slightly larger than the source.

Before performing the actual recovery, carefully check the list of files and recover the most important documents first. By going step by step, not only do you use less processor time by allowing pause times between each series, but you will also have the opportunity to check the target storage unit.



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